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is all about Getting Things Done.

Be organized and get things done efficiently.

Create as many To-do Lists and add as many To-do Items as you want. By listing all the things you need to-do in just one place, you'll never have to look anywhere else.

Keep track of what's done or not.

Marking an item as done is as simple as clicking its checkbox. Made a mistake? No problem - just click on it again to un-mark it. See from one glance which items have been done and which still need to be worked on.

A birds-eye view of what needs to get done and what has been done.

Almost everything can be opened inside its own window, and arranged how you want it. See all of the items you need to do and have already done, all in one location.

Communication is the key to great management. makes it even easier.

No more emailing back-and-forth. Post all messages to instead.

Instead of emailing with your group and scattering emails all over their inbox, just use to keep all discussions in one centralized location.


Everything inside can be discussed - To-do lists, To-do items and files. This ensures that all discussion about something always remains with it, and no information or ideas are ever lost.

Easily share any file, document, images, or slides with your groupmates.

All your files in one place.

No more rummaging through your emails for that specific attachment sent some time ago. It's as easy as opening a To-do Item and clicking on the Download link.

Keep track of every version of every file

When you upload a new version of a file, keeps the old version of the file. This makes it easy to go back to a past version of a file, just in-case.

Invite all of your groupmates into

Inviting people into is as easy as giving them a link!

Easily invite all of your groupmates into Aralista! by just giving them a a special invitation link! No more entering email addresses! No more messy invitation forms!

Facebook Connect into

uses Facebook Connect to make it easier to login and authenticate yourself. No more new accounts, no more new registrations, just click on the button and go!

Not comfortable using Facebook? No problem!

If you prefer not to use Facebook Connect to use , then you can also login using an email and password! Just click on the Click here if you don't have a Facebook Facebook account link to show the email login form!

In , Context is KING.

always remembers what you did last summer.

always saves whatever you did during your last session. It even remembers the position of the windows, which ones were minimized and which ones were opened. This makes it easier to continue where you left off, without having difficulty remembering what you did last.

Real-time ALL THE TIME

uses a technology that allows us to make sure all connected browsers have SYNCHRONIZED INFORMATION, ALL THE TIME. That means, whenever a groupmate does something, it automatically appears on your screen as well, and vice-versa. Everything is synced - To-do lists, items, files and comments.